Tuition Assignment: 7yo Art (Drawing) at Hougang (G2134A)
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per hour
419 Hougang Avenue 8, Singapore 530419 (530419)
Location: 419 Hougang Avenue 8, Singapore 530419
Level & Subj: P1, Art (Drawing)
Venue: Hougang Ave 8
Freq: prefers 1 x 1hrs
Day & Time: prefers Mon-Fri 7.30pm
Rate: $Pls state
Remarks: Requires Male/Female tutor. Parent just want student to learn drawing. Tutor can incorporate other aspects of Arts such as coloring, shading etc.

Note: 50% agency fee applies

If keen, kindly SMS/ Whatsapp (Preferred) the following to 9728 8358
Only shortlisted tutors will be notified.

Code G2134A
Years of tutoring Experience:
Highest qualification(Sch & Course attended)/Current Sch attending & Course:
No. of current students, their levels & subject(s) teaching:
Desc of previously taught students (Levels & Subjects):
Day & Timing:
(Kindly include lowest acceptable rate)
Earliest start date:
Any other relevant info: (teaching style, students' testimonials, etc)
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